Friday, 1 August 2014

Nike Lunarglide 6

The Lunarglide range was one of the first new revolutionary lightweight trainers and has been a favourite of mine for a long time. I started out with the +2, then onto the +3 and +4, skipped the version 5 and am now happy to be back reviewing it's 6th reincarnation.

It makes you wonder how a stability shoe can be so light but Nike have done it again, in fact they've made the new version 30% lighter than it's predecessor! Now weighing in at just 272 grams.

One of the Lunarglide's strong points is how well it holds the foot particularly in the heel. 

The heel clip has been updated to give extra support which works well. The trainer generally feels quite snug but comfortable. 

The flywire technology integrates with the seamless breathable upper to give a glove like snug fit but not restrictive and extremely comfortable and airy.

Stability trainers in the past always relied on a medial post on the inner side of the outsole to stop the foot rolling. This in some shoes was quite noticeable and in some uncomfortable, the Lunarglide's support comes from opposing wedges of foam of different densities which gives the stability without the fore mentioned problems.

The outsole design has been much improved and is one of the best new features. The design map under foot is made up of individual contour maps that flex independently making the shoe very responsive and give a more natural movement to the foot.

Overall this is a big update and a worthwhile one.

I would highly recommend this shoe to the overpronating runner, it can be used for long distances or for more faster shorter distances as the trainer is so light.

Cushioning - 10 out of 10, Very supportive trainer
Comfort - 9 out of 10, Extreme comfort below foot
Flexibility - 10 out of 10, Amazing for a stability trainer
Responsiveness - 9.5 out of 10, Very good due to the new outsole design

Overall 38.5 out of 40

The Nike Lunarglide +6 can be purchased from JD sports at £95

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