Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Swimming OK in the UK

Swimming is the new running!......Well that's what I try to tell myself as rehab continues.

The last time I ran was 20th July, four and a half weeks ago, which actually feels like four and a half YEARS ago!!! I tell a lie, I actually went for 2 miles last Sunday (but don't tell my Physio!). I went for a very slow plod just to see what reaction I would get from the Achilles. It wasn't great but I definitely felt improvement which is good (accentuate the positives!).

So in an attempt to stop going stir crazy and to get some endorphins flowing, I've hit the pool. I enjoy swimming, I find it quite therapeutic and have now been twice a week for the last few weeks. I will probably up this to 3 times a week because I honestly think I'll be away from running for a looonnnnggg time.

I've been a bit slack on my rehab exercises at the moment (but don't tell my Physio!) which is crazy, I can go out and run for a couple of hours, get up at 6 and swim for half an hour but somehow can't get in a routine of doing some simple stretching for 10 minutes!!!

I will get there though as I know how important these exercises are to make me a better and stronger runner when I get back. Heck, I shouldn't be so hard on myself at least I'm cross training.

I'm not quite sure what the blog posts are going to consist of in the near future while I'm away from running so maybe I'll have to temporary change the name of the blog....Running Swimming OK in the UK.

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