Sunday, 10 August 2014

Go to your Physio!

I've now had two trips to Finefettle, and what I've learnt has been invaluable to my running. I made the point in a previous post that you can scan the internet till your blue in the face gaining all sorts of advice on a particular injury that you're suffering with. The trouble is it is not specific to you. Let me give you an example from my experience.

Information overload!
As you know if you read the blog regularly I'm suffering with my Achilles. Now I have obtained from the Internet many exercises, stretches to help me overcome the problem. But what I've since found out by coming to the good people of Finefettle right leg was shorter than my left where my pelvis was twisted (now been sorted) and my left leg is stronger with more calf muscle tone than the right. So basically I've been running 'Wonky' for a while now!

There is no way on earth I could have known these things from reading up on the Internet without being physically seen by a professional. So although I'm treating my Achilles there is other stuff going on which I would have never known about.

On my first visit to Finefettle I saw Helen an Osteopath and on my most recent visit I saw Alexandra who is a Physio who I will now continue to do my rehab with. So I've had great advice from two different .....

I've now got to do some strength training in my legs, calfs, glutes, core, you name it I'm doing it. I'm not sure when I'll be able to run again, but when I do hopefully I'll have much better form and be a better runner from the strength work I'm doing away from running.

I've started swimming this week in an attempt to keep my fitness levels. I enjoy swimming, and was going regularly last year but the pool closed for refurbishment and I lost the momentum. It's definitely something I want to keep up even when I'm back running. If only I enjoyed cycling as much as swimming and running then I would be in good stead to have a go at a Triathlon.

My lovely Olympic sized 50m local pool
When I started out running and got my first pair of trainers, like most runners I got checked out by the experts and brought a pair suited to me. I overpronate and have low arches and ever since I've always run in a stability trainer. But from my visit to the Physio this week I've learnt that my arches are now high and I should get my trainers checked out again as maybe I need a more neutral trainer. It may not be the answer but it could be contributing to my Achilles problems. Once again some advice I wouldn't have known unless a visit to the proffesionals.

So I'll keep going with my new found advice and hopefully towards recovery. This week has been the first that I've really missed running, I've been ok upto now and even enjoying a bit of a break. Hopefully the swimming will see me through till I can run again.

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