Sunday, 19 October 2014

A change is gonna come

*dusts off the keyboard*

Apologies for the absense from the blog. On the running front, not a lot had changed and I didn't want to write for the sake of writing but now I can update. A few things have changed.

Not big changes, but I am back into some sort of 'running' routine. I'm now getting myself out and running a few miles, taking two days off and then going again. It's not much but it's running again.

Whilst running I'm feeling no ill effects from the achilles injury but can still feel some minor niggles after. That's why I want to keep things to a minimum and just appreciate I can get out there and do something that slightly resembles me being a runner again.

I'm trying hard to get some stretching in, especially with my calfs. Out of all the exercises I've accumulated for my injury, I seem to be getting the best response from foam rolling....Ouchy but beneficial :-)

My swimming routine has tailed off at the moment, something I want to get back on track, but I have been out cycling a few times. 

Now cycling is my least favourite exercise, but I've used it for a purpose and that purpose is getting to and from work. I've only done it a handful of times but it's been beneficial. I hadn't been on my bike for a few years and I threw myself in at the deep end and cycled the 13 miles to work and back at the end of the day. When you haven't cycled for a long time, 26 miles in a day is a looonnnnggg way. The last few miles on the way back I could bearly turn the peddles and was totally exhausted!

I did notice the way that the cycling worked my quads and hamstrings which was something the Physio said would be a benefit to my overall running mechanics.

Talking of running mechanics, I'm still playing around with my trainers and whether to run with the orthotics that I have in my shoe or not. The orthotics are only ones off the shelf but they have been a big benefit in the past with the same injury, but I'm not sure if I'm getting the same effect this time round with them.

The last 18 months have been hell for running, ever since I fractured my ankle jumping off that stupid wall trying to get to the start line off a race! Add to this my achilles problems and I do wonder if I'll ever get back to the volume of running and races that I was doing before. I guess it's just patience and appreciating I can at least do something.

That wall!!!

"It's been a long time coming, but I know a change is gonna come". Sam Cooke