Thursday, 18 August 2016

Not 'Running' OK in the UK there anybody out there???

I doubt it, I haven't posted in well over a year, mainly because I haven't been running in that time!

Why? Well partly due to injury, yes I still suffer with achillies problems. If you used to read the blog regularly you will remember this was a constant problem to me. It's not got any better, in fact it's now so chronic that even after a year, every time I try to run the pain returns.

The other reason is that I've found something to replace the running...Speedflex.

Speedflex is HIIT (High intensity interval training) which uses a combination of non weight lifting machines and auxiliary exercises (weighted bags, medicine balls, kettle bells, exercise ropes). Due to the way the machines work and the excercises that you do on them, there is no muscle soreness after the workout so you can train everyday. The machines work against your own effort and resistance. I do this 4-5 days a week, at 7am. It lasts 30 minutes, in a class with a great bunch of people.

I've been doing Speedflex for 11 months now and feel better physically and mentally then I ever was with running!

I miss the outdoor element of running but that has been replaced with long hikes over the last year, as I have done and trained for the 3 peaks challenge (2015) and a 14 peak challenge this year in the Lake District.

The 3 peak challenge last year took me to a place mentally and physically, running had not taken me before. I'm glad I done it but would not do again. The logistics of travelling the 3 countries of the UK in 24 hours and climbing the highest mountain in each of the countries was tough!

The 14 peaks this year was 9.5 hours of walking over some of the higher peaks of the Lake District. It was kinder, still tough, but more relaxed and we had good weather! One thing we did not have with the 3 peaks last year! On Snowdon in Wales last year we experienced some of the worst weather that I, and our experienced guide had seen on the mountain.

Let's move on.....Bad memories........

Will I run again? I'm not sure, it was a massive part of my life over the last 10 years but I'm enjoying my exercise and hobbies more than ever with my spare time now.

I've even made a song! 😂😂😂
I've always enjoyed singing and songwriting and in the last year have teamed up with a local guy to write and record some stuff. We have one song out at the moment but still working on new material. It's a long process especially when we only get together 1-2 times a week but I enjoy it but don't expect to be the next Justin Bieber anytime soon!!!

If you're at all interested or even reading this! Here's a couple of links to the song:
So that's where I've been. I miss the blog, I miss the fresh air but things are going OK in the UK.