Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Here we go again!

So once again I find myself on the long winding road to recovery. 18 months ago a fractured ankle, and now Achilles problems. Its been a frustrating couple of years. It's not as though its my livelihood, I'm no athlete, all I want to do is run for enjoyment!

I decided I needed to get professional help, you can read plenty on the internet and although it can sometimes be helpful, its not specific to oneself and you could be causing yourself more problems.

For my sporting injuries I put my faith into Finefettle, a multi healthcare company based in Bookham, Surrey. Its here I see Helen, an Osteopath who has has a wealth of experience and and knowledge in her field. I'm never disappointed from my visits to Finefettle and the support I receive from Helen via email.

After a quick analysis Helen got straight to work and straight away observing that my pelvis mechanics were out causing my right leg to be sitting shorter against my left probably caused from my fracture to my ankle some time ago. So for 18 months I've been running 'wonky'. Straight away one problem solved that I would have never have known about and peace of mind when I do finally get back to running again. Correcting the pelvis alignment involved what I can only describe as taking part in Judo at the commonwealth games' as I was pulled all over the place....I submit!!!

Then it was down to some work on my calf's and Achilles themselves including some dry needling techniques. We literally threw everything at this stubborn injury!

I'm back again in a weeks time for some more rehab with the practice physio but in between times its a case of contrasting bathing  (hot and cold) and back to the eccentric stretches and most importantly rest and making sure I wear my supportive running trainers as much as I can rather than flat shoes. Fortunately I can wear my trainers to work which will be a help.

Other than that it's back to missing out on another summer of running and driving past the many runners in my car feeling very envious indeed!


  1. Hope you get it all sorted soon. In the meantime, are you able to cycle as an alternative? I'm not allowed to run due to an injury so I was missing out on summer running, but cycling is taking the edge off a bit!

    1. Hi, I'm not a big fan of cycling. I quite enjoy swimming so may do a bit of that. As you say it's good to do something to take the edge off not running. Thanks for reading the blog :-)