Thursday, 25 April 2013

Worse things happen at sea!

Do they really!

What can be worse to a runner than busting their ankle...that would never happen at sea would it!

I suppose the one exception is the lead character in Life of Pi, he didn't have a great life at sea....Oh and Jaws. That wasn't great for the characters at sea neither.

Anyway I digress.

6 weeks on from injuring my ankle (by jumping of a wall trying to rush to the start line of a race!) I finally done something I should have done 5 weeks ago...Go to see a Physio.

My ankle 6 weeks ago
I've now accepted I'm injured despite being in denial and trying to do some running last week. You can read all you want on the Internet about injuries and recovery, but until you are accessed by a professional then you have no idea if you are doing the right thing specific to you and how long you should rest for.

I now know I have maybe another 2 weeks to go.

I took myself along to the good people at FineFettle, a local clinic in Great Bookham. I follow them on Twitter and have also had the odd sports massage after local races that they attend.

The clinic was founded by Osteopath, Helen Bullen and it was Helen whom I had my appointment with (straight to top for me!)

Now this lady knows her bones and ligaments and within minutes (following a brief questionnaire) she was prodding, poking and moving my foot round before making her professional opinion of......."You've well and truly buggered that!"

Joking aside Helen then went to work on my ankle accessing the full extent of the damage, the diagnosis being 2 damaged anterior ligaments either side!

I appear to have managed to do both!!!

Next some massage to help drain some of the excess fluid that was still causing some swelling, and an introduction to some exercises to do over the next week.

Although I had been for an X-ray soon after my accident and nothing was picked up by the hospital, Helen suspected that I possibly could have had a hairline fracture that was missed from the X-ray. The reason being that my bone on the inside of my ankle is a lot bigger than the other foot which may mean I have bone that has grown to repair the damaged bone under.

I'm determined to stick to my rehab programme and hope by working hard I can get back on the trails before long. Even as I write this post I am doing my hot and cold treatment, cold peas to take the blood away from the injury then a hot water bottle to bring back new blood to help repair.

Although I'm gutted that I'm not able to run at present, at least now there is light at the end of the tunnel and a rough date to return thanks to Helen at Finefettle.

I'm thinking about hitting the pool tomorrow morning for some cross training and what's that about worst things happen at sea!


  1. Glad you following your rehab - slowly and gently I hope!! Look after that ankle!! Helen

  2. ...better wear your "floaties" in the pool! Sounds like you're in good hands with Helen and on the right path to recovery! Wishing you well... ~Eve & Bart

  3. Thanks Bart and Eve, I wish I went to Helen sooner. Can't wait to get back running.
    Thank you also for all the comments you leave on the blog. I really appreciate it, keep it up, nice to get feed back :-)