Monday, 29 April 2013

Injury update

The injury saga continues…

Following Osteopath Helen’s advice, I headed back to A&E this morning to get another x-ray done on the ankle. Helen was convinced all was not right with the ankle bone, and did not want to do too much extensive Physio before we were 100% sure nothing sinister was going on.
Lo and behold, she was right! This time the X-ray showed a small piece of bone (see circled above) that had come away probably from the fall and the ligament damage. Although it could well be where I tried to run on it again a couple of weeks ago as the original X-ray which I saw this morning showed no bone damage.
It’s possible of course that I had a work experience Radiologist on the original day and they actually took a photo of my arm!!!
Anyway it is what it is now, and 7 weeks on, I can’t turn back time although I would be a lot further ahead with my rehab.
I need to go to the Fracture clinic on Friday for further assessment. All I can do now is rest till then and see where this takes me.
I can’t even start cross training till I have spoken to the consultants, so it’s another week lost in fitness.
On a positive note, I would like to thank all the Twitter running community who sent well-wishing tweets this morning. It was uplifting to have the support from you all.
This one from @StevieRun71 made me chuckle…


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