Sunday, 7 April 2013


It was nice to be back in running kit again

Today's run was definitely run with my head rather than my heart.

In my heart, I knew my ankle was not 100% but my head ruled that after 4 weeks without running; that's 1/12 of a year; it was time to go out and run.

But try telling a injured runner desperate to run again not to let their head rule the heart...We're all the same.

I was at least sensible enough to stick to the flat, and stick mainly to the road with a mile of canal path thrown in. I didn't want to hit the trails yet as it would be easy to turn my ankle again on such terrain.

To be honest I felt my ankle all the way round, I planned to run 4 miles but lost track of distance and ended up doing 5.

My ankle is fine to walk on but when I try stretching that's when I get some pain, so I'm unsure whether this is just stiffness where I haven't run for a month or whether the ligaments are still damaged. Either way a run was the only way to check this out, and as I write this short piece directly after my run, sat with a bag of frozen peas on my ankle, I will need to wait till tomorrow to see whether this is indeed the start of my comeback or if I get any reaction from my ankle from today's run.

Give peas a chance

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