Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Boston marathon 2013

Ever since the tragic news broke yesterday of events at the Boston Marathon, I have been following the story via the News on TV, radio and the Internet.

Never has a news story quite hit home like this one. This one is close to home, not in the respect of where I live but as part of the worlds running community.

The world is a lot smaller now through social media, I bet many of us follow or communicate with a runner that was taking part yesterday through Twitter or Facebook, something that would not have been possible 15 years ago.

That's how big and strong the running community is, and that is why it will over power this evil.

I'll never understand why incidents like this happen, but what I do know is that it makes the goodness in human kind get stronger. Look how much sympathy was shown last night through social networks, how brilliantly the Boston community dealt with dealing with the victims.

These people will never succeed, sure they can get some publicity, but in the end we all pull together and get through.

The running community across the world just got a whole lot stronger these last 24 hours.

As an idea, I tweeted this evening that all runners should change their profile pictures with something that represents Boston.

I changed mine to the picture below.

The image shows John A. Kelley completing his first Boston Marathon in 1935. Kelley holds the records for most Boston Marathons started – 61. He finished 58. He was also the only B.A.A. Club member to win the Boston Marathon. He ran his last full Boston Marathon in 1992. Photo by E. Morgan Savage via RunningPast.com


  1. Great post Ian! Here's another idea, local runners and race directors are asking runners and volunteers to wear Boston yellow & blue to the upcoming events this weekend. It's such a sad thing that has happened, and marathon running will be forever changed by this, but the human spirit is amazing. Thank God there are far more good people here on this planet than bad people. To see so many people coming to the aid of others is awesome. I think all runners have a little bit of Boston in their hearts no matter where they are from or live. Here's hoping they catch who ever is responsible for this... maybe they should make the guilty party run 26.2 miles before locking them up, I would be willing to bet they couldn't run farther then 3 blocks... okay, now I'm getting angry, so better sign off before I say something I'll really regret... Thanks again, Eve

  2. Thanks for your comments Eve, emotions are running high at the moment. Love your ideas especially making those responsible running 26.2 miles before throwing away the key!