Tuesday, 2 March 2010

All about the Numb3rs?

I've been running regulary now for about 4 years. When I started it was simple just run. Then add a stopwatch and start to record the times. Then about two years ago add my Garmin Forerunner 301. This is when running changed for the better?
Not only could I get my times, I could see where I was running; see my heart rate; see my splits...Welcome to the geek world of running! I got involved on the Buckeye Outdoors and GoWagon Websites , and I could see my running months laid out for me. It was brilliant and remotivated me as a runner.
Then I saw the little words "My Challanges" and so it began. I started off last year with the 4 feet running challange 2009 feet running and I now have two challanges I created, 'East v West' and 'Run 1001,Swim 20.10 miles' for this year. I have also joined my friend and running partner Brian's challange '1000 miles or Bust' where to date there are 28 runners challanging....

I now see that I am X miles away from X runner and if I get myself out today and do a 5 miler, I can get ahead. If I do nine miles I jump up 4 places!!!
But I don't get out, I have a cold and didn't sleep well, I stay in, I get to the end of the day and....Frustration! X runner's in front of me has been out for a long run today and now I'm 20 miles behind!

Should we worry about the numbers? I guess that is part of the reason we all run. As I said before these Website's are a great motivation. But the real numbers should be those personal to you and our own personal races.

On a personal note, I have had a good week running, I'm just about back upto my 20 miles a week target following my 'Wii Fit' injury a few weeks ago.

I went with my boys to my sisters down in Poole, Dorset. There is some wonderful scenery in this part of the country and I had a pleasant run on Sunday morning around the bay that backs onto my sisters house. Despite the rain and getting lost for about 3 miles (5 mile planned run, turned into over 8 miles!)it was a good one that took me through the grounds of a Stateley home and along the coastline. It was nice running somewhere different but there is no place like Home.

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