Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Me v Food

Now I'm not what you would call fat as such, but like a lot of men I do carry a little excess around the middle. This is one of my main reasons for running. I play a little football, I swim once a week and when the weather is more pleasant you can find me cycling to work. As you can see the exercise side of things is coming on nicely, I run 20 miles a week and can be quite disciplined when it comes to getting out there at 6am in the morning or when the heavens have opened.

So far so good you might say but right now my downfall is....Food!!!

I'm quite interested in the nutrition side of things and I know that the handful of nuts I should be snacking on at work is better than the chocolate bar that I'm actually eating.

To be fair to myself, as a family we eat reasonably well and don't have that many takeaways, but when I make that huge homemade lasagne and Garlic bread, I polish of the most!

What made me write this post today was one of two things, firstly the excitement of having a blog (I won't usually write every day!) and secondly what happened this morning at work...

In got in a little latter than usual and I would normally have a bowl of Porridge or Bran Flakes, but did not have time....and then a little later the horn of the snack van outside played his merry tune. Like Tom the Cat from the Tom and Jerry cartoons, I floated down the stairs on the smell of a Cornish Pasty with my name on it!!! I succumbed and sat with the greasy pie seeping oil through the paper bag. But it was heaven and I was going for a run at lunchtime so I'm Ok, right...No I know I'm wrong.

So that sums me up an average runner and an average eater. Some days I run good, some days I run bad. Sometimes I eat good and sometimes.....

I will try and win the battle and find that lost 6 pack in the months to come but until then....."Darling, do you want that last sausage....".

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