Monday, 8 March 2010

Crunch Time

Now that I'm into blogging, I've been checking out on other peoples blogs and came across the informative 'Run Bulldog Run' blog. I was checking out the past blogs and came across the '200 Sit ups Programme'.
As I've said before I'm not by any means a large person, but do suffer from a little extra around the middle. I've always wanted to stick to an Abs programme but have never succeeded. I don't know how I can go out and run for an hour and a half at a time but can't afford 10 minutes a few times a week doing the sit ups.
Well them days are over, and I'm determined to get my teeth stuck into this one.I will post my progress over the next 6 weeks as I go from one pack to 6 pack!!! (Well even 3 pack I would be happy with).


As for an update on my personal running progress. I feel like I'm back on track now. I had a beautiful 11 miler on Sunday morning (Cold, but the sun's warming up!) along the canal footpath. I was surprised just how many other joggers were out and cyclists, walkers and fisherman. Other than that it's been the regular 3 x 4 milers at lunchtime, again in beautiful sunshine. The one thing I have missed out on in the last couple of weeks is my trip to the swimming pool. I will definitely get back to that this week and a run out with my son.

Canal Path - Lunchtime runs.

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