Saturday, 11 January 2014

My Kryptonite

Belated Happy New year and all that malarkey.

Ten days of no blogging coincided with four days of no running. No injuries to stop me, I just seemed to had lost my steel. 

It wasn't lost mojo, I've been there before as Im sure we all have, I was still in love with running but the Winter and the atrocious weather we've been having in the UK just wore me down.

The rain became my Kryptonite.

I kicked off the new year with my local Parkrun being held on New Years Day. It was cold, windy and chucking it down. The fields and canal path on the course were already saturated from the previous weeks of never ending rain and it was definitely not racing conditions which ruined any chances of trying to run fast.

I'd done well with getting out over Christmas and got more miles in than I planned, but the turn of the year and the rain finally brought me down.

The local trails and canal paths where I do most my running had so much surface water it just wasn't enjoyable to run on, my Kryptonite had got to me.

Hardly a crisis missing four days of running, but it felt like eternity and I moaned lots on Twitter and suffered lots of good natured banter about being a wimp and not running. Brian, running partner and work colleague particularly enjoyed the banter emailing me pictures such as this:

Fast forward a week and I'm back with a full weeks training of over 30 miles which included a 7 mile windy, muddy night run over the trails of the local ranges and back to my Friday 13 mile run into work, which this week was very cold and dark but proved to myself that I had buried the Kryptonite and was back in the routine for the New Year.


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    1. Happy New Year, my favourite, loyal North Carolina readers :-)

  2. No one like running with wet feet! I can cope with the rain, the cold and the general miserableness. But once I get wet feet, I get really grouchy. But still, well done on getting back out again.

    1. Cheers Ben, i can get out in most weather but the extent of the weather after Xmas was testing! I'm back to it now though :-)