Friday, 27 December 2013

5 reasons trail running is better for you

Trail running is becoming more popular than ever. Below are 5 reasons you should hit the trails rather than the road of the treadmill:

Less pollution - Away from the traffic fumes, you're left to run how Mother Nature intended.

Less impact on your joints - Running on soft ground rather than Tarmac. It's a no brainer!

Better work out for your body - As your body continually adapts to the uneven surfaces, this will strengthen your ankles and your core muscles.

Get away from it all - Most the time on the trails you'll be alone, at best you'll see the odd dog walker or a like minded trail runner!

It's an adventure - More often of not, you'll take a wrong turn which we cause you to run new routes. Going out at night with a headtorch on the trails is also great fun.

Everyone will have some form of trails around them even if you live in a city; whether it's a park,canal path or woodlands. So what are you waiting for, ditch the Tarmac and Gym and go hit the trails!


  1. Love these pictures! The trails look beautiful!
    Eve & Bart

    1. They are various pictures taken over the last couple of years. Where ever you are in the world, I think there must be great trails around :-)