Sunday, 24 November 2013

A weeks rest

So I ran the Friday before last into work, then Saturday I couldn't make my Parkrun,Sunday I couldn't fit a run in, a Monday meeting at work meant no lunchtime run and I didn't want to run in the evening as I knew I would be running 10 hilly miles on Tuesday night. Well the Tuesday night trail run got called off due to one running friend being injured which means the other friend can't get a lift which means I'm not running around 10 miles of woodland on my own in the pitch dark! #scardycat 

Wednesday and Thursday were out due to work commitments which takes me a full week from running last. 

I finally ran to work again on Friday.

So the moral of the story is once in a while it's good to throw in a rest week, especially this time of year when the weather isn't particularly inviting to run in and the days are short of daylight. You won't lose any fitness and your body will appreciate a chance to rest up.

I felt fresh on my run, it's 13 miles after not running for a week. It's done my ankle the world of good, because all though it's pretty much healed, it does sometimes feel a little stiff which maybe down to scar tissue left from the injury? I don't know but it's a minor thing that doesn't affect my running and it's been feeling great after the mini break.

After all I did throw myself back into 7 weeks of marathon training after 5 months of no running so I think my ankle appreciates the welcome break.

I'm back to the routine next week though, which should get me back to 30 miles overall.

Canal path...Friday morning in the dark
I do question my sanity sometimes though.

The Friday run to work means waking at 5:15am have something light to eat, get ready and then head out the door at 6:15am. This Friday I noticed how much darker it stayed from the previous week, and it was freezing cold. 13 miles along the dark, cold canal path at stupid o'clock in the morning, before a day at work. But I love it and it's just something I do, it's routine. It has a purpose, in that it gets me to work. Even alone in the dark doesn't bother me along the canal path.

Once running becomes a habit, it's like any other habit, it becomes hard to break. Which in health terms is a good thing!


  1. Ian,

    What kind of "head lamp" do you use?

    Bart & Eve

    1. I don't use one on the morning run. My eyes get accustomed to the dark and after about half hour the day starts to break. The camera flash gave me the light in the photo :-) One of my running friends has a couple of Silva head torches which are great. My head torch is a cheap one but does the trick as long as the trails aren't too technical.