Saturday, 16 November 2013

6am Running

With no races planned at the moment, my running is feeling really relaxed and just where I want it at the moment. My Parkrun on a Saturday morning gives me my speed fix, a chance to see some sub 8 minute miles. Tuesday and running with friends with headtorches and on the hilly trails is something different. 13 miles into work on a Friday morning I love as it's a run with a purpose, it gets me to work! Throw in maybe a 4 or 6 miler and I've clocked up 30 miles with a good mix of running.

I like to make my run to work the most relaxing run of the week and take it at a nice easy pace. I do this mainly so I'm not tired out for the day ahead but also just to enjoy running how it should be. The route along the canal is quiet and traffic free a real chance to zone out.

So this week I decided to listen to some music, something I never usually do. Again it's something different to keep the running varied.

I leave home at 6:15am by the time I hit the canal the sun is just rising on the horizon, trees line the path and the ducks and herons are also starting the day. Hopefully I've painted the picture here, so the music to go with this needs to be as relaxing as the scenery and the running.

I've put together a playlist on Spotify called '6am Running'. It's laid back music, with a folk twist which I think is perfect for some laid back running.

So far the playlist is this:

Give it ago! Let me know what you think. Let me know any songs I should add, or if you are on Spotify go right ahead and add to the list! I've made the playlist collaborative which means anyone can add to it (I think). It can be diverse as you want as long as it fits the genre, I don't think Eninem quite fits this list! It would be great for people all around the world to add to it or suggest songs to add. I'm looking forward to your responses.

Happy listening and running.


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