Saturday, 10 August 2013

Official Comeback!

Parkrun 10/08/13 - COMEBACK!

A short post to celebrate my comeback run.

5 months to the day and I've run 3 miles at my local Parkrun, pain free? Not exactly, my ankle felt a little tender at the start of the run but come the last mile I was running pain free.

This has by far been the worst sort of injury I've had to date. I've had Achilles trouble a few years ago. But everyone knows their own body. I could easily spend another 8 weeks making sure the ankle is fully recovered but I'm a strong believer that the body will adapt and strengthen itself within reason.

That's what I did with my Achilles injury there was only so much nursing I could do and there came a point where I just ran through it; never been a problem since. I feel I'm at the stage with this injury. My bodies had 5 months away from running (apart from the odd failed comeback run) its nearly there, but the ankle is now strong enough to slowly return to running and for my body to adapt to that.

The human body is a wonderful thing and will always try to heal itself. I've been to one Physio session, next one due in a couple of weeks, and I've been told not to run till i see the consultant in October....but the rule book is going out the window!

I need to get my body back used to doing what I want it to do, and that's not standing on a wobble board.

Immediate plan of action? 3 miles every other day for the next couple of weeks and see where we go from there. 

Sometimes the best advice comes from listening from inside yourself.


  1. Brilliant - glad to have you back where you belong on your own two feet ! Take it easy and make sure you continue to listen to your body.

  2. Thank you Lesley. Going to take it nice and easy :-)