Wednesday, 21 August 2013

7 week marathon programme: Week 1

Good to be back in running gear!
So week 1 is complete. Three, four mile lunchtime runs and a weekend 'long run' of eight miles completed.

When I tweeted and posted my training programme last week, I was surprised by the positive comments by everyone. I thought I was being a little crazy and people would be advising me of looniness. A lot of people had attempted marathons on little training and I felt a lot more with my decision to continue my race training.

Kevin Betts, aka @52marathonman on twitter; a man who run a marathon every week for a year; made the observation that I had lots of weekly 4 mile runs and questioned what these were for. With such a short programme the main objective is to concentrate on the weekend long run.

My 4 mile runs every other day in the week were mainly to keep the body ticking over, get some extra miles in, time on my feet and not too much strain on my recovering ankle.

Natural Fuel
Kevin suggested that I should use these to stress the legs, so to turn these into tempo or hill runs. Wise words from an experienced runner.

Last Sunday I finally came out the comfort zone and started to up the miles. I went for a 8 mile loop that consisted predominately Tarmac with a couple of  miles of canal path. I prefer trail running but didn't want to risk turning my ankle on tree routes etc that you find on the trails, also my marathon will be on the road.


I also added some hills in the run to start to work my body a little harder. The only worry I had was the Tarmac on my ankle. The run went well and I was surprised how comfortable I felt despite the hills. As I'm coming into this marathon on zero fitness, I'm not worrying about running the race particularly fast. I ran London last year at 9 min/mile pace, I would be more than happy to run Loch Ness at 10 min pace, so I was pleased to run these 8 miles comfortably at 8:40 min/mile pace.

I did stop for about 30 seconds to enjoy some natural fuelling and enjoy the blackberries in abundance on the canal path.

The ankles holding up so far, a little achy after the Tarmac but ready to enjoy week 2 :-)

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