Sunday, 1 May 2011

Training Partners

I probably at the moment spend 50% running solo and the other 50% with my friend and work colleague Brian. I've known Brian since I was 18, so over half my life, we used to work together back then, but for many years worked for different companies until about 8 years ago we ended up at the same company again. (Jeese! I can't seem to shake him!!).

In the time we worked at different places we still used to play 5 aside football together every week, but it was about 5 years ago that we both embarked on our new love of running.

Brian when younger used to do a lot of Cross Country running and I myself had run half marathon's at an earlier age, but like most people over the years the toll of Beer, Women and Football (in no particular order!) take there toll.

So 5 years ago, although still playing football, we were both compared to where we are today, pretty out of shape. Brian, and he won't hate me for saying this had put on a few pounds, and I was feeling pretty unfit.

We started running a 3 mile route at lunchtime from work. I can this day remember my first run with Brian and another colleague and being so chuffed and surprised that I had got around without stopping.

We progressed slowly, and the thought of doing our first 10K seemed a daunting proposition. I remember embarking on a training run that took us twice around our 3 mile course and that would be a huge achievement and step forward.

10K's then became more regular events and in October 2009 we completed the Cardiff Half Marathon. Since then I probably plateaued a little but Brian really used this as a point to losing a lot of weight and improving his time's remarkably.

To start with I would be finishing 10K races quicker than Brian, but now, and it pain's me to say it......Brian is the stronger and quicker runner now (Note to Brian - I'll be back!)

We both have young families but as they get older the chances to get out for more serious training is becoming easier.

We are both training for The Farnham Pilgrim's Marathon, our first Marathon, and looking back we have come a long way in our running together.

If you get the chance to find a training partner I would recommend it. The sport of running can be quite a lonely existence (Although that sometimes is why we all run). With Brian, we spur each other on, mostly wind each other up (See our Dailymile comments!) and pretty much talk non stop about running. Our colleagues at work must be really fed up as they listen to us babble on all day about New training routes, Injuries, Running Web sites etc. etc. and is probably why they wear headphones for most of the day.

We are always challenging and pushing each other, we're even talking about doing Ultras now which is a long way from them two unfit boys struggling to run 3 miles!

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  1. Great story Ian! I don't have any running partners but I do run with a club once a week so I guess that counts.
    Good luck with the marathon training!