Friday, 29 April 2011

This is a bit of a 'fill in' post, I don't like not posting regularly, it's been a couple of weeks now, but I've been busy with work and if I do get free time then I'm either 'running'or 'running' a family. I've got plenty of idea's coming up for post's but need to have an evening or two free. So this will be a bit of an update Post :)

I've been getting some good quality runs in over the last month or two. I'm signed up for The Farnham Pilgrims Marathon which means I've signed up for an extremely tough hilly Marathon.

With this being the case I've been hitting the hills, I've got a great 10 mile local run through woodland which is really undulating and from start to the highest point is 170ft in Elevation. It's definitely been a case of 'What you put in, You get out", and since the hill running I've felt a lot stronger runner.

My run to work yesterday was a new interesting undulating course which took me on every type of terrain you can think of, including a field of crops!

I feel like I'm training for the big day 'Rocky Style' No flashy equipment just out there training with Nature hurdling tree trunks (or through fields of Crops!), bit like how Rocky would train for his fights rather than in a High Tech Gym like 'Ivan Drago' in Rocky 4......However I digress!

Training More like This...
...Than This!
I've been upping the Mileage too. I'm regularly running 30 mile weeks now and within that I'm trying to get in some shorter faster runs so to get a good balance of training.

This week I've applied for next years London Marathon (Not very hopeful!) and for Olympic Tickets (A little more hopeful!). My boss has also enrolled my running partner, and work Colleague Brian, and myself in to doing THE GRIM and HELL RUN both at the end of this year. I've done the Grim before but the Hell Run looks a lot tougher.

Short and sweet this week,

Good Luck with your running in the week ahead.


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