Friday, 15 April 2011

A New Voyage

My Legs are in agony, but it's all worth it, as I look down to my Garmin, I read 13.2 miles. I've done it, for the first time in my life I've run past the half marathon distance. I didn't stop there though, although at this point I did shout a 'Yes' as I moved past this milestone distance.

I managed 16 miles in the end, although I was in a bit of pain I pushed on as I wanted to make my new record distance significant.

In a week where many have and will be hitting the 26.2 mile mark in Marathon's such as Brighton, London and Paris, my run distance is lost as thousands achieve the milestone Marathon distance. But I don't care, for me this was a massive barrier to push past as my own Marathon training begins.

As I cruised accelerated  wobbled to the office, a bit of self doubt did cross my mind 'I've still got to do another 10 miles for Marathon distance!'...Ouch!

I've got until September to get there though, so I'm well ahead of schedule, but the Marathon I'm taking on (Farnham Pilgrims Marathon) is not an average Marathon, it's filled with many hills and sandy trails, so it won't be easy, but as it stands I'm looking in good shape as I continue my journey to my new destination.


  1. Well done!That's significantly further than HM. Have done 13.1 myself before but tomorrow my long run takes me up to 15miles. First time ever!

  2. Thank You Reedrunner and good luck with your 15. It's a good feeling when you pass the 13 miles :)

  3. Well done, I've managed 13.2 (Got a half marathon sunday)but not 16. I'd like to be able to run 20 miles.(nice round number)Hope the legs heal quickly.