Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Story So Far...

This is a picture of me running in my first ever race at the age of 15 in 1986. The race was the Ash Vale Half Marathon, I ran this race two years in a row, I can't remember my times but I have always had a time in my head of 2h:08mins. I don't know why I ran the race, one reason I think was for charity, the other because a couple of friends were running too. I can't even remember liking running that much back then, but I must of partly enjoyed it to run the following year. I think a big part of it was the Rocky Films. I distinctly remember having the Rocky IV soundtrack that I used to play on my training runs on my Cassette Walkman (I don't know how I used to run with that great lump attached to me!) I ran a 10K back then too, but I can't remember a lot about that race. I guess this was the time in my life when a seed was planted, which would go on to blossom some twenty years later.I don't know why I decided to take up the sport again, it was 2004, I certainly could not even think of running a Half Marathon like I did when I was 15. I was playing football regularly but that was about the extent of my fitness activities.
It was by chance that I joined in a conversation with two work colleagues one day, one of which was Brian, who still to this day I run with. The two of them were planning to start running at lunchtimes, I wanted to get fit again so joined them. I remember going on my first 3 mile run and feeling so chuffed that I had got round without stopping. From then on the distances have grown and my love with the sport has followed. It's a massive part of my life now. I constantly read about it, blog about it, talk about it,Tweet about it, and between all that with working and bringing up a young family I get to do it as well. Like all runners I've kept my finishers medals and amazingly have found the badges given out from those first races. Below are my races to date to share and just as much to serve as a scrap book to me.

Ash Vale Half Marathon 1986
Details Unknown

Ash Vale Half Marathon 1987
Details Unknown

Cranleigh 10K 2005
Race Number 62
Time: 57:50
Position 169 out of 220


Julian Farrell Memorial 10K 2005
Race Number 220
Time 52:53
Position 88 out of 145


Frimley Park Hospital 10K 2008
Race Number 72
Time 54:29
Position 206 out of 391

Cranleigh 10K 2008
Race Number 118
Time: 52:20
Position 123 out of 215

Peter Driver Memorial, Fleet 10K 2008
Race Number 192
Time: 49:41
Position 234 out of 425

Cardiff Half Marathon 2009
Race Number 8715
Time: 1:58:44
Position 4682 out of 8768

Frimley Park Hospital 10K 2009
Race Number 15
Time -:-
Position - out of -

Frimley Park Hospital 10K 2010
Race Number 196
Time 49:02
Position - out of -

The Grim 2010/11
Race Number 4343
Time: 1:22:07
Position 654 out of 1826

Fleet Half Marathon 2011
Race Number 2440
Time: 1:44:50
Position 768 out of 2309

Random Running Photo's

Cardiff Half Marathon 2009


Pre Fleet Half Marathon 2011

Frimley Park Hospital 10K 2010

After The Grim 2010/11


  1. As a late-in-life runner, I wonder what it would have been like to grow up being fit and active. What a nice history to have!

  2. What happened between 87 and 05 ?