Monday, 28 March 2011

Running Begins at 40!

It's been a funny week, I hit the highs of a PB at the Fleet Half Marathon and then the lows of hitting the big 40, seven days later.

The bit in between has been a bit of a struggle too.
Now I don't know if it was because I got my PB but mentally my brain seemed to think it was 'Job done' and 'You got your PB, now you can quit'. I just seemed to shut down and was struggling to get going again. But I was back out running a 3.5 miler on the Tuesday and a 4 on the Thursday. Come Friday I was completing my regular 12 miler to work. What seemed to be comfortable a couple of weeks previous was now proving to be both mentally and physically tough.
Looking back, I should have taken more time off. Although the distance of the Half Marathon was not a problem, I ran it quick (for me) and the course was quite demanding. I had not appreciated how the combination of the two would effect the legs. I guess this is how you learn.
My faith in Running was restored as I commiserated celebrated my 40th year. I've kind of been fearing this Birthday, I always remember when my Dad was 40 and thinking how old that sounded! But where as most people would be relaxing and enjoying a drink or two on their Birthday, I decided to celebrate with a nice Sunny 10 miler around the local Ranges with fellow runner and friend Brian. This also gave me a good chance to try out my new Camelbak, and with the demands of the course (It's bloody hilly!) my new water storage system on my back was just what the Doctor ordered.

So instead of fearing these numbers, I instead embraced them, and I thought to my self...I've just recently run the fastest I've ever run over 13.1 miles, I'm running more than ever, and I'm probably the fittest I've ever been in my life.

Not bad for an Old Boy!

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  1. Congrats again on the PB and happy birthday! Welcome to the over forties runners, ha ha! At least now you'll be racing as a young gun in a new age group.