Sunday, 6 March 2011

Nike Lunarglide +2

2nd August 2011 - I have updated this post with further comments at the end.

The favourite day in any runners year has arrived.

I've had some minor niggles in the knees, this yearly occurrence always seems to coincide with the need to purchase new trainers, so that's exactly what I did.

Although I've recently got myself some Orthotics, which have been working a treat, I still wanted to try something new.

This time I've gone for the Nike Lunarglide +2 trainer.

I overpronate and have flat arches so always have to go for a well supported trainer which normally tend to be a heavy trainer. I tried these out in a reputable running store on the treadmill. The video analysis surprisingly showed that these were keeping my lower legs nice and straight. I say surprisingly because these are quite lightweight and appear to have less support than other stability trainers.

I love the look of the Nike Lunar Range, and when you put them on, it truly is like putting on a pair of comfy slippers. They are the most comfortable trainer I have worn to date. I know you are meant to break trainers in gradually but I decided to take these out for a good 8 mile hilly test on multi terrain.

On the flat roads, the trainers felt fast and very responsive. As I moved onto the wooded trails, again the trainers did not disappoint and there was plenty of grip to handle the more uneven terrain.

Where I was really pleased was when I hit the hills, with the Lunarglide's being a lot lighter than I am used to I was able to, well literally 'glide' up and down the hills.

I felt some slight pain in my knee, and I'm worried that these may not have the overall support that I require but my thinking is I can always replace the insole with my Orthotics.

It's early days, and L love the look and lightweight feel of the trainers. After an 8 mile first run, there was no signs of rubbing and blistering which again emphasises the comfort of the trainer.

Too good to get dirty!

As well as tarmac, I gave the trainers a good workout up hills and wooded trails
Overall Performance 35 out of 40

Cushioning - 8 out of 10, Soft cushioning, rather than firm & some medial support.
Comfort - 9 out of 10, Perfect and unbelievable comfort.
Flexibility - 8 out of 10, Generally Flexible.
Responsiveness - 9 out of 10, Very High with good movement with the foot.

Post Updated 2nd August 2011

I have now covered about 500 miles in these trainers. My thoughts above have not changed. These have been the best trainers I have had to date, I've been injury free and the trainers have kept their comfort and responsiveness. I have been on all terrains, none of which have caused the any problems. I will definately be buying these all the time now, the only dilema is whether to upgrade to the Lunarglide +3. I would highly reccomend these trainers to anyone who overpronates, a great lightweight supportive trainer.


  1. They look great, I'm guessing they won't be that clean for long though!
    I did a 10-11k run in new runners the last time I bought new ones and it was fine. I've been told that either they are comfortable straight off or they aren't, no amount of "breaking in" will make them comfortable.

  2. Sounds like these work very well for you. I love getting new shoes, and the lightweight ones always make me feel like I'm flying. :)

  3. Hey random question but I got a pair of these last year (female version) and after heavy usage they're a bit muddy! I was just wondering if you've attempted to clean them yet and if so how would you recommend doing it?

    Thanks, Sarah x

  4. Sarah, Not been cleaned yet. I wouldn't put them in the washing machine though as I've heard this ruins running shoe's. I normally just leave the mud on, looks like they've been doing some hard work then :)

  5. These have to be my next purchase, maybe after my mud run though :)