Sunday, 20 March 2011

Fleet Half Marathon 2011

Me Pre Run
The Asics sponsored Fleet Pre - London Half Marathon to give the event it's full title, is for many a last competitive run before London next month.

With perfect running conditions to look forward to and with the race being local to me, it meant I could start the day relaxed and not panicking to force myself to eat something at the crack of dawn.

The race start was 10.30am. I made good time to arrive to enable a warm up and take in the good atmosphere. There was a few stands set up including a local running store and a beer tent.

There was various celebs running in the event, mostly soap stars. I was close to actress Vicky Binns who played Molly Hobbs in Coronation Street. I refrained myself from saying to her that "I thought she was dead" (Her character was killed off in the soap), I bet she'd heard that a thousand times!

The Warm Up
The start was prompt and the route made a swift left turn down a side street which proved a bit of a bottle neck, especially with the immediate parked cars with which I saw many runners caught out with and almost ran into them. 
Plenty of Stability in that Shoe!!!

I managed to get into a good pace early on as the course took us around the town centre a couple of times and some early hills. This part of the route is much the same as the 10K course which I have run before. Although great support in the centre it was nice to get away from the now familiar town streets.

This was definitely a race of two halves because by mile 6 we were away from the town and into more rural surroundings. In fact as the race went on the scenery got better and better as we were taken through picturesque villages.

The course is best described as Undulating, although the hills aren't horrific there are enough and come steadily throughout the course, but as the old saying goes "What goes up, must come down!".

One village in particular deserves a mention and that is Winchfield, the locals were out in vocal support and were handing out Jelly Babies to the runners. At mile 9 the sugar shot was just what was needed, although 'note to self ' don't use Jelly Babies on a run, they turned my saliva to glue!

Come the final mile we were back in the town centre. I took advantage when there was a down hill and increased my speed, and grimaced back up the hills. The adrenaline then took over to see me through to the finish line. I had smashed my previous PB of 1:58:44 with a new time of 1:44:50.

I collected my medal, banana and water bottle but was disappointed to find there was no goody bag. I quickly refuelled with my Clif Builders Protein bar, which I had brought at one of the stands beforehand, before making the short drive home.

A Well Run Baggage Area
The race was really well organised and ran smoothly. There were plenty of Marshall's on course who on the whole were encouraging. The baggage tent was well run, and there were plenty of portaloo's.

My two moans would be no goody bag and the repetition of the early part of the course. On the whole though an enjoyable event well worth taking part.
The Finish

Finishers Medal


  1. I think you are going to have to change your profile "About Me". Hardly a middle of the pack runner now! Congratulations!

  2. Well done on the PB, a couple of mins faster than mine ;-)