Saturday, 23 February 2013

Devine intervention

Friday morning...Run to work...With running mojo back intact, I bounced out of bed at 5:15am full of excitement (if you believe that, you'll believe anything!)

Today I would be running on empty, after fasting through the night, like everyone does (unless you're the secret lemonade drinker....I think only older UK readers will get that reference!) The purpose of today's run was to fat burn, and use stored body fat for fuel (and there's enough of it!) You have to be careful doing this and I wouldn't recommend this to inexperienced runners.

I had a big drink before I left to start hydrated (that's important) and off I trundled. I deliberately kept the pace slow, and headed off to the Basingstoke canal, that would take me the 13 miles to work. I was meeting friend and work colleague Brian enroute at around halfway.

After meeting Brian and running on for a few more miles chatting about our favourite subject (surprise, surprise...running) the conversation turned to our other regular subject of food!

Now Brian has been doing this fat burning run for a while, he's like a camel! No he's not disfigured with two humps on his back, but seems to be able to run on very little. He rarely eats or drinks on runs of this type of distance and uses what he has stored in his body.

Now let me get to the main part of the story. Friday is treat day. We have an amazing snack van that is set up right near the office that does the best breakfast sandwiches etc.

At about mile 10 we were both really hungry, but a colleague who regularly uses the van (he even gets discount) told us the day before that the van would not be open today.

As we knew this information our thoughts turned to poor substitutes of what we could eat instead once arriving at work, which is basically porridge, something from the snack box or something very inferior from a van that turns up at 9:30 in the morning.

Feeling disheartened as we approached the office we came off the canal and got on the road for a short distance to the finish of the run.

As we got on the Tarmac path I noticed that the snack lady had left her advertising sign up on the path of the main road. This was a real kick in the teeth, and a tease as two tired and hungry runners ran pass.

We turned into the road on our work estate and was greeted by a waft of cooked bacon. This must be coming from a nearby house we thought...another kick in the teeth!

But of my greatest moments in running...we ran past the snack van which is permanently stationed in the building centre...SHE WAS OPEN!!!...She was not meant to be open but there in all it's glory the snack van was in full flow and cooking breakfast...The clouds parted and the sun shone down on two runners weeping and dancing with glee (OK that bit did not happen but we were very happy!)

I'd never felt elation like this on any run before, runners high comes nowhere near it!

Within 10 minutes of finishing the run we were sitting at our desks washed and changed tucking into a well earned breakfast!!!

Hallelujah there is a God!

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