Monday, 4 February 2013

Athletes foot: Itching to get running again


If you've had athletes foot before you will know what I'm going through....if not watch this short video below:

Yep, that's what it feels like....It is burning, burning, burning!!!

I've had athletes foot before, but not like at the moment as it has become infected so I am on antibiotics, and using a cream and a powder.

I'm going through hell so I'd thought I'd share a few tips on prevention.

Do not itch, I repeat DO NOT ITCH, and believe me, you will want to itch! By itching too much I damaged the skin which became infected. Athletes foot itches like mad and having a good old itch will temporarily relieve the annoyance...but be warned.

Athletes foot is a fungal infection. It loves warm moist places, it loves athletes! With running especially in wet conditions, make sure after your run, that your feet are dry. I would suggest that you use an everyday talc on your feet. Keep it in your kit bag and use after each run or after you shower.

So how does it start? Usually between the little toe and the one next to it. If not treated, a rash can form on the bottom, sides and top of your feet.

For treatment I've been using a cream and a powder. As well as clearing up the condition they also give great relief to the itching. I am using Canesten dual action cream and Scholl foot talc twice a day. This should be effective in the treatment of athletes foot especially if you start using on the first signs of the infection. If like me you leave it and ignore it you will pay the price, become infected and it will stop you from running. It can also spread to other parts of the body, including the palms of the hands which I have suffered from too.

I haven't been able to run for near on a week now due to my foot swelling and being incredibly sore to walk on.

So that's two weeks of low mileage now, and I've generally been feeling sorry for myself, eating more than usual and eating all the wrong things. It's amazing how I've taken running for granted. I've only missed a week of running but it feels like an eternity. I feel lethargic, bloated and ITCHY and it's been horrible. I just cant imagine a life without running now, it's just something I do, and with less than five weeks till my hilly 21 mile race, I need to get back to doing!


  1. Ouch, sending speedy recovery wishes your way...
    Eve & Bart

  2. Thanks guys, just about healed up now. Looking forward to getting back running again.