Wednesday, 8 August 2012

On Cloudrunner

I've been lucky enough to have the chance to review these new trainers from the Swiss company 'On' 
The On collection features 4 types of trainer; The Cloudracer, the Cloudsurther, the Cloudrunner (which I was reviewing) and the Cloudster. You may be seeing the theme here...Clouds! The CloudTec system, the circular rubber cushions on the underside of the shoe, reduce the impact of foot hitting the ground giving the sensation of running on...em...Clouds!

These trainers fit in the innovative category along with brands such as Newton's, a brave attempt to be different in the colossal world of running trainers.

Running Clouds
I so wanted these trainers to work for me, they were different, quirky and good looking. They were certainly one of the most comfortable trainers I have worn with the fit around the foot.

The Cloudrunner claims to 'make concrete easy' which it does effectively. The trainer is designed for high impact and endurance runs. With it's CloudTec technology the trainer even claims to help with posture and toning while on the run.

Once off the concrete I hit the trails to put the trainers through there paces. Through the muddy trails I was expecting the mud to cling and get between the rubber cushions under foot but this was not to be and they freed themselves of any muck consistently. I felt more comfortable running on concrete than on the trails with these trainers. The Cloud system seem to benefit the harder surface and felt a little awkward and unresponsive on the trails.

After about 5 miles of running in the trainers my legs became very fatigued and my murmuring Achilles strain I have at the moment became more prominent.

I'm certainly not accusing the Cloudrunner of causing injury, but it's a shoe you need to get used to and build up the miles steadily. It's almost like learning to run again. It made me run different, a planned 15 mile run turned into 5 miles due to tired legs.

To sum up the On Cloudrunner, it's a very comfortable fitting shoe, a very well made shoe and a shoe that stands out from the cloud...I mean crowd. Probably best suited for the neutral footed runner. But for this overpronating, Achilles pain suffering runner I need to stick to what I know and am comfortable in at the moment.

A well made quirky shoe

Overall Performance 29 out of 40

Cushioning - 8 out of 10, A different type of cushioning to traditional trainers, but just as effective.
Comfort - 8 out of 10, More comfortable on tarmac.
Flexibility - 6 out of 10, Not overly Flexible.
Responsiveness - 7 out of 10, Not the responsive that I'm used to.

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