Sunday, 13 May 2012

Under Armour Coldblack shortsleeve T shirt

Men’s coldblack® Shortsleeve T-Shirt
Not me! Similar Physique!!!
When I hear the name 'Under Armour' I straight away think of compression wear, but it turns out that there is a lot more up their sleeve (excuse the pun). I've been sent this product: Under Armour Coldblack shortsleeve T shirt  to review, and an impressive piece of kit it is too, one that will make a nice addition to my running wardrobe.

The Coldblack technology blocks out the sun's harmful rays when out training in the blazing British summer...Ahem! I chose the white T shirt, but it's matters not what colour you choose as even the dark colours (black,navy and dark orange) reflect the heat acting the same as you'd expect light colours.

The sun was actually out here in the UK today. For the information of oversea readers, the UK has been a total wash out through April and May. So with it being a warm day it was a good chance to put the technology of this product to the test, and it did not let itself down.

Although on first inspection the T shirt feels slightly thicker than a usual T, it is incredibly lightweight and comes in a regular fit which is very comfortable. There is no intrusive stitching and when out on the run the comfort and breathability of the top was really noticeable. This comes from the stretch construction of the material used (92% Polyester, 8% Elastane) allowing good mobility and wicking.

The product is also available in a woman's cut, and retails at a reasonable £22 for men and £30 for women (not sure why £8 more?) I would highly recommend this T-shirt to the running community.

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