Thursday, 10 May 2012

My marathon plan

Over 2 weeks has now passed since the London marathon and reality has returned. The buzz of running in the capital coupled with the sound of people cheering my name has now been replaced with the running blues. I have not lost any motivation or love for running and have managed to get out for a 12 mile run and regular lunchtime runs since the marathon, but more than anything it's been tough physically as my body recovers from the unfamiliar pounding on tarmac for 26.2 miles. My legs feel like there is not much in them, maybe I have returned too soon. I said that after the marathon I would get back to some chilled out no pressure running but it was not long before the nagging voice in my head began questioning whether I would lose all that fitness that I had built up to run the marathon distance. Having worked hard to get my body capable of running this distance, it's a place I want to stay and not have to build again. I did not run to any structured programme and kind of created my own. I have included my last 12 weeks running programme below. Now you will see that this is not a start from scratch programme but shows I was running under 40 miles a week and achieved my goal of a sub 4 hour marathon (just...3:58:50). So this may be of interest to anyone wanting the same goal or 40 mile a week training schedule.
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