Saturday, 21 April 2012

Countdown...1...London marathon eve

I have too admit I've not felt this excited for a long time, its kinda a bit like the feeling you used to get as a kid on Christmas eve (Hope I sleep tonight!) but it's finally here the London marathon 2012. Wow.

Preparation is now done, everything is ready for the morning and the early start of 6am (Train from Woking 6:30) this should give me plenty of time to arrive without too much panic. As I'm running with the British Heart Foundation we have use of the pavilion at the start area which means I've somewhere to set up base and possibly dodge the rain from.

I've kept a list going all day of things to either buy or pack, well worth doing as it's kept the stress low. I've had my carbs for dinner, so now time to watching Rocky 4!

As well as new socks that I'm running in that I mentioned in yesterday's post, I've gone against the grain again of  'not trying something new before race day'. This time I'm drinking Coconut water!

Now it should not be too much of an upset to the system drinking something so natural. This was one of the products that stood out to me at the Expo yesterday. It's natural,contains a lot of potassium (important for us runners) and electrolytes (again, very important).

I could only find the original drink in the supermarket but it does come in a more pleasant flavour mixed with pineapple juice. Quite expensive for a litre (£2.99) but does come in individual smaller cartons for around the same price as a Lucozade. Nice that this product is 100% natural without the added sugars etc. but with the price it's maybe something I'll reserve for pre race days.

So that's it, it's now time for relaxing, some light stretching and then sleep. Fingers crossed that 24 hours from now I'll be a sub 4 marathon runner.

Thanks for reading. Race report to follow.

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