Monday, 31 October 2011

Nike Lunarglide +3

I have been lucky enough to receive these running shoes to review. I say lucky because I currently run in the previous model, the Lunarglide +2. I've had two pairs of the +2 model previous because I love them a lot so although I was looking forward to putting the +3 to the test, I was also a little apprehensive having been happy with the previous model.

Sometimes a new model of a trainer is not necessary an improvement, and there comes a time when you keep re branding a model, that over the years it becomes a totally different trainer. Take the Nike Pegasus for instance, this is one of Nike's oldest models. If you look at the design when it was originally brought out, it looks and probably performs like a different trainer. Something I need not worry about with the Lunarglide (at the moment!).

My initial thoughts on the Lunarglide +3 as I took them out the box was that I was not so impressed with the new look of the trainer. The new mid foot strap that has been added in my opinion looks ugly but on the positive side holding the trainer, it is still amazingly light for a support trainer.

Putting the trainer on, immediately you notice how comfortable the trainer is underfoot. The new mid foot strap does feel a little tight across the top of the trainer when you lace up, in all it's quite a snug fit. I guess this is down to personal preference and how you like a trainer to feel, I prefer to have a little more room, but having said that, once I got on the run the snugger fit was not a problem and actually felt quite secure and comfortable. A heel-support clip has been added that helps to moderate excessive pronation.

The Lunarlon sole looks a little chunkier than it's predecessor, but again once running any additional support felt beneficial and not a hindrance. The Lunarlon sole is a bit of genius by Nike, light,cushioning and supportive.

I've been out on 3 relatively short runs with these now and have to say they are just as comfortable, if not more so than it's predecessor. The mid foot strap actually works rather than a new gimmick added and with more ventilation than before, overall the updated model is a winner, if not on looks. As with all Nike's trainers they are Nike + ready with a place under the left inner sole to fit the sensor.

Overall Performance 35 out of 40

Cushioning - 9 out of 10, Better cushioning than previous, but still super light.
Comfort - 9 out of 10, Very comfortable on the run.

Flexibility - 8 out of 10, Generally Flexible.

Responsiveness - 9 out of 10, Very High with good movement with the foot.

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  1. I was tempted by these but in the end stuck with the ole faithful Asics that I love. I like that they look a bit different and are quite funky! Might have to go shopping again! Oops!