Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Speedwork - Juneathon #7

I'm hoping I've got the rules of Juneathon right. Although I've had two days of not exercising this month, I have been blogging everyday, so this counts, right?

Anyway I took to the Canal in my lunch break today. I thought I'd do something a little different for me today....Speedwork! I tick all the other boxes, long runs, hill work but Speedwork is something that I don't do enough of.

Usually my lunchtime run is done at the same old speed, sometimes faster but generally a steady plod. I guess I could be falling into the trap of these becoming 'Junk' miles.

So I decided on doing some Fartlek training. It was fairly random, with my first burst I sited some chap walking ahead so decided to run to him. I probably scared the living daylights out of him, this mad grunting runner heading full speed at him, but he seemed not to care of my antics. From then on I would recover for a couple of minutes before charging again to the next big tree I could see in the distance. I continued this throughout the 3.43 mile run and I guess I was running anywhere between 100 and 200 metres at a time when picking up the speed.

I'm not sure if this was correct with what I was doing today, but I was well and truly knackered by the end. I think I'll read up a bit about Speedwork, definitely a weak point in my running at the moment where as everything else seems to be going well. The long runs are up to 20 miles and I'm getting some good quality hill work in also.

Distance: 3.43 miles
Time: 25:38
Pace: 7:29 min/mile

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  1. I think every runner of every standard dislikes speedwork! I give it a wide berth these days! Trouble with me is that my mind is stuck in the 1980's, when I would sprint up mountains for fun. Any speedwork these days proves to me that I'm getting too old to be playing silly beggars and I get all frustrated.
    I take heart from your brilliant efforts - maybe tomorrow I'll push myself a bit?
    Well done!