Thursday, 9 June 2011

Easy Run - Juneathon #9

After adding speed work to my schedule on Tuesday (I now do long runs and hill work also) It was only right to add the final piece to the jigsaw, The Easy Run!

I kept it flat (along the canal path) and headed out nice and easy. I think that by starting out comfortably it acted as a warm up because as the run progressed I naturally picked up my pace and by the time I finished, the pace overall was quite respectable yet did not feel uncomfortable.

Distance: 4.12 miles
Time: 33:26
Pace: 8:07min/miles

I took it fairly easy after an exhausting previous day that in the evening had me behind the microphone and recording a couple of songs. This is another interest of mine that offers something different to the running which is becoming quite a big part of my life now, with my work and family added to this, it fills up the time quite nicely. See for the results!

Swapping the trails for the Studio
I'm back on track with Juneathon now after misunderstanding the rules (I know they are simple!). I thought you just had to blog everyday about exercise and could afford some rest days. Well I've kept half of the bargain up, now I just need to concentrate on the hard bit!

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