Monday, 12 April 2010

Frimley Park Hospital 10K

My first race of the season and it's the hospital 10K run that I have run for three years in a row.


A glorious weekend of weather was upon us and I was getting worried it was going to turn out too hot! Unbelievable I know, too hot in the UK in April!!!

As it turned out the Sunday was a lot cooler than the two previous days, perfect weather for the day.

I've been concentrating more on my endurance lately rather than any speed work, so in my head this run was going to be a 'Enjoy the day, and just do it' kind of run.

I started the day with a hot shower. I had read recently that it was a good idea as it got the muscles nicely warmed up. Followed by breakfast of two poached eggs on toast.

I was going to the race with my son who was running in the 2.5K run before my race. My Dad came a long as well for support. So 'Team Chitson' was raring to go!

It was a good turn out this year around 600 people had turned up and at 9-30, the 2.5K run got underway and at 13 years old I was proud to see my son come in amongst the first 20 finishers.

Team Chitson....One run finished, one to go.

The Crowd gather and warm up for the 10K.

Even the Hospital Staff Joined in. I had a feeling
I might be needing that bed they were pushing!!!

With one half of 'Team Chitson' successful, it was now my turn. I got off to quite a quick start and my first mile along the main Portsmouth road was 8 minutes dead. Half the road is closed so it's plenty wide enough for everyone to find their space and pace early on.

Mile 2 was run at a similar time just over 8 minutes .....and then came the hill! I guess it lasts for about a quarter of a mile, but it has a steep gradient. But as they say what goes up must come down and I actually managed a 7:55 mile lap.

Lap 4 and 5 I kept under 8 minutes as well and surprising to myself I could sniff a PB.

There is one other noticable hill half way round with the only water stop at the start of it so a welcome pit stop. I grabbed a sip of water and marched on up the hill.

Is that a smile or grimacing with pain?

By the final mile I was huffing like a steam train, but determined to push on. There is a good turn out of crowds on the final straight and the clapping and cheering pushed me on to finish the race with a new Personal Best of 49:02. I was delighted as I had not planned for this.

I always look forward to this race on the calendar, It has a good atmosphere, well marshalled by volunteers and help from the local army. The course is generally flat despite a couple of testing hills in the middle and the event seems to be growing from year to year.

A good days work! (Can I have my top back now please son!)

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  1. Congrats on your pb you can't ask for better than that !