Sunday, 10 May 2015

Running up stairs

With only a couple of months to go till the 3 peaks challenge, it's time to get more specific with my training.

The last months training has involved a weekly hilly 10 mile training run, but extra leg strengthening training is required so I'm adding stair running.

The 3 peaks is a walking challenge but I'm trying to incorporate the training for this event into my running. At the end of the day I need to strengthen my legs to cope with walking 9800 ft of ascent so my thinking is that if I can run up hills, walking them should be easier.

If there is one thing a runner wants to take from the famous Rocky training scenes then its the running up stairs!

Go Rocky! (GIF from Gifmania)

Remember Rocky IV , When it comes to training I'm more Balboa than Drago! Who needs fancy gyms and technology when you can train with what's around you for free.

So this week one of my lunchtime runs involved running down to Woking town centre and hitting the flights of stairs in the multi storey carpark. The stairs I used were adjacent to the main lifts, so hardly anyone uses them which made the workout easier. In the time I had, I managed 5 ascents and descents, which accumulated to about 400 ft. Not bad for a lunchtime session and the legs knew they had done it.....*Plays the Rocky music*

My new gym...Woking multi storey carpark!


  1. Having been in that stairwell, the stench will only help to improve your times ;) Great idea for the training as around these parts there is a distinct lack of proper hills!

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    2. Ha ha, You are right about the smells! North Downs are not too far away for a good hill session.

  2. The GIF is really an amusing one. I enjoyed that with the cup of coffee in my hand sipping it and thinking about the idea to write the story about a sportsman. I think it can be a good one. Though I quited sport several years ago, I still have my memories.
    Hans Lieberman

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