Sunday, 18 January 2015

Running rant # 2 - The price of races

I haven't done a 'Running rant' since the ill fated 'Ultrarunning' post (which didn't go down well at all if you recall). I don't regret that piece, what with freedom of speech, having an opinion and all that malarkey!!! It's just a shame I lost a lot of longterm ultrarunning Twitter followers in the process whom I communicated with and always congratulated them on their achievements even if I didn't agree with the distances they were putting themselves through physically and mentally.

*takes a deep breath*


Hopefully this is a rant everyone will agree on....THE PRICES OF RACES THESE DAYS @!!?**#¥!!!!

*takes another deep breath*

I haven't competed in a race since September 2013 and the Loch Ness marathon, so I decided to look at running a half marathon in the spring/summer. 

The Surrey half, a nice local race in Woking, taking place for its second year.

It's a half marathon remember and the price for entering the London marathon this year, one of the worlds major marathons was a very reasonable £35 for 26.2 miles. 

Now I understand the pricing for street closures, police etc etc, so that's £35 for shutting down the Capital of England. Woking is a Surrey town...the price?...£41...yes 41 flipping sterling pounds for running a half bloody marathon!!!

The Hackney half marathon.......£44!!!.....$$$

Over the last few years there has been the introduction of chip timing, which I'm sure most people agree has been a positive for racing and I can understand that this has had an impact on the race fee, but there's not many races that aren't chip timed anymore, so why still so much variation between the prices of races of the same distance?

Has running become a victim of its own success? The number of people running has continued to rise year after year. More people running, more opportunities for people to make money. 

Here is a selection of races coming up, I've separated them into 'Daylight Robbery' for races around the £30 mark and above and 'Bargain Buys' for £25 and below which I think is a reasonable price.

Thank God for Parkruns.....Running for free and funded by sponsorship.....hang on a minute, don't most races make money out of sponsorship as well as charging us!!!

Daylight Robbery

Surrey Half - £41
Hackney Half £44
North London Half - £42
Brighton Half - £34
Bournemouth Half - £31.57
Robin Hood Half (Nottingham) - £29.75
Northampton Half - £29.40
Llanelli Waterside Half - £30

Bargain Buys

Fleet Half - £23
Stafford Half - £22
Yeovil Half - £22
Chippenham Half - £22
Farnham Pilgrims Half - £25
Roding Valley Half -£22


  1. I just run and explore for free, although I was tempted by a 100km that work waved under my nose - The Race to the Stones - for free. Full immediately, I never got a chance. I'd like to have a crack at a Marathon, but sheesh. I'm not a wealthy man.

  2. Have to agree some getting a bit expensive...

    Link below to reasonable and beautiful half in Donegal, Ireland with stunning scenery...

  3. When we lived in Las Vegas, the local track club would hold "Low Key Fun Runs". They were usually 5k distance around a park, $2.00 for members and $5.00 for non-members (sorry not sure what that would equal in the UK, but it's rediculouly cheap) when you crossed the finish line, you were handed a Popsicle stick with a number on it, and that was how you knew where you placed overall. Top finishers and age group winners were awarded ribbons. They always had bagels and refreshments at the finish. They still continue to have these runs in Las Vegas. I miss them! They were so much fun! ~Eve

  4. I ran Stafford Half last year, it's a nice one but very undulating! The Belvoir Challenge is quite the bargain as well, £19 for either the 15 miler or the 26.2