Monday, 3 November 2014

Is a runstreak the answer?

The longest runstreak in America is currently still going at 45 years....45 years!!!...That's 16,425 continuous days of logging runs!!!

Lots of runstreaks are logged on social media and it's got me thinking; Is this the solution to injury free running? 

These people are never injured! Is that because of the frequency of their runnning and their bodies adapt and get used to moving these same muscles and limbs everyday? Do their bodies not have time to stiffen up?

I'm still ticking over with my running, a few days a week, four miles at a time, but maybe it's time to put my body to the test,'s runstreak time!

What have I got to lose, my Achilles have been playing up for nearly a year now, maybe if I run everyday my body will just give up rebelling against my running and let me be?

I'm not talking big miles here, for the time being the max daily amount would be 4 miles. I'm not sure what the official rules are for runstreaking, I'm guessing there must be a minimum distance to count as an official run and I'm guessing that minimum distance would be a mile? I mean surely you can't run to your car from a shop in the rain and count that as a run!!!

So I've kicked off this week with a 4 mile run, (winter is definitely upon us, it poured down and the rain was like ice) tomorrow I'm going to do the same distance but throw some hills in, maybe the next day just a mile?

I know that rest is important but running such short distances, surely won't fatigue the body too much? I mean I sit down for most of the day at a desk, running daily for half an hour is not exactly taxing me and might just be the answer to pain free running!


  1. I've been finding the more I run the less I hurt (or ache etc), so I think there is something in it. I'll be stalking your progress! :)

    - Steve

  2. I suspect it is because injured people don't post about their streaks