Friday, 5 September 2014

Maybe...just maybe

So my last official 'proper' run was 13th July, and all the runs previous to that going back to the new year were not really enjoyable due to my Achilles problems......Well today I ventured out.....I only went for 2 miles, nice and flat, nice and slow and things went well. I felt no pain on or after the run, tomorrow morning will be a good test because that has been the worse time for the pain. But I'm happy that this was the first pain free run this year!

I thought it was a good time to get some good habits back in my running and in particular my form. I always run with my shoulders high so I concentrated on relaxing them. It feels like starting out all over again. It was an incredibly slow run but I was just happy to be out again.

I was planning not to try to run again for another week but I missed my swim this morning (of which I've been doing twice a week) so I decided to bring the test run a week forward. I felt confident to try today as the last week I've had no pain walking or waking in the morning.

I put this big improvement down to using my running orthotics in my everyday shoes again, and just plain and simple REST! No icing, no stretching, no anti inflammatory tablets, just rest, and maybe, just maybe it could have paid off.

So for the immediate future, I will keep up the swimming twice a week and maybe run two 3 mile runs next week. I'm not bothered about building up distance as my new goal is the sub 20 minute 5K. 

It will take time but like having a marathon PB starting with a '3' it would be nice to have a 5K PB starting with a '1'.

Have I comeback too early? Only time will tell.

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