Monday, 12 May 2014

Marathon training - Week 2

Already I'm two weeks into marathon training and feeling good, the miles have been kind this early into the schedule with the long run on Sunday only upto 7 miles. This has eased me nicely back into regular running after my Achilles problems.

I've not really been thinking about the big picture and getting myself back upto 26.2 miles and with the miles being low I've gone for speed and getting my fitness back. I've only run one of my runs so far slower than marathon pace, but I'm not too worried as I will definitely be slowing down as the miles increase.

Following on from last weeks 5K PB, I again run my local Parkrun this Saturday and managed to PB again, but my God did that hurt! I swear the pain is comparible whether going full out for 3 miles or running a steady 26.2 miles. The first mile was even run at 6:47 min/mile pace and I've never recorded a mile that quick before. Maybe it's down to my new streamline haircut, I've gone super short which means no more sweaty clogged up hair when I'm training through the Summer. Who am I kidding, knowing the great British weather I'll be running in more rain than sun, but at least my heads also waterproof :-)

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