Monday, 14 April 2014


It's been a few weeks since I last posted on the blog, which is unusual for me, but then again I've not been running for a few weeks which is unusual for me!

I decided to give my sore Achilles a proper rest. Resting now at the start of spring rather than missing out another summer of running seems the wise thing to do. As well as resting the heel, I've used the down time to rid my self of a few other general aches and pains that have accumulated through years of what's probably been poor running form.

I've shut down and have restarted, reset to default factory settings and am starting over.

Where I've not been running I've concentrated on my diet. By that I've not done nothing extreme but have reduced portion sizes cut down the treats to a minimum and eat as little processed rubbish as possible. I still enjoy good hearty dinners like lasagne, shepherds pie and chicken pie, but the difference is it's all made from scratch and I know exactly what ingredients are going into each meal. I love my food and the most important aspect to me is that its enjoyable, its such an important part of our lives and I cant think of anything more miserable than all these fad diets circulating at the moment. A good balanced diet is where its at and with no running involved I've actually lost weight the last few weeks! I've reintroduced green smoothies back in the diet, as I've really noticed the difference between having them and not, they give me so much more energy for the day.

I'm also trying to stretch more, I'm learning how important that really is as the years advance.

Watching the London marathon on Sunday really got me fired up and ready to run again, so today I decided a gentle 3.5 miles was in order to see how I was feeling. I have a couple of readers on the blog from Asheville in the United States who regularly leave valuable comments on my posts that I adhere to. My running guru's Bart and Eve from running blog Blue ridge runner replied to my last post about how one of their doctors believes in active recovery, so that's what I'm aiming to do. Limit my weeks running to a few gentle short runs while I work through this injury with plenty of stretching and icing along the way.

While I keep the running low key and slow I'm also going to concentrate on my running form another element to my running that really needs improving.

As you can see it really is back to the drawing board and getting back to basics as I rebuild my training.

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  1. Hi friend, We're a little late in reading your latest post. Sending good thoughts your way and hope your "reboot" is working wonders for you. We need to check out your green smoothie recipe and add that to our diets too! ~ B&E