Sunday, 9 March 2014

Oh woe me

Back in June 2010, nearly 4 years ago, I suffered my first serious running related injury - achilles tendinitis....well guess what, like an unwanted visit from the tax man, it's back!

I can't believe it, last summer I couldn't run after wrecking my ankle from jumping off a wall to get to a start line of a race, and now with summer approaching again, this turns up. Maybe it's karma from my Ultrarunning rant! ;-)

So now what? Well at least I have the experience, having been through it once, to get through it again. 

I know it's all related to my tight calf's, so I need to keep stretching like a madman and dare I say them horrible awful two words, feared by every runner......FOAM ROLL....Argghhh!!!

Ever since the injury back in 2010, I've been running with orthotics in my trainers, which has kept me injury free (apart from the wall jump injury). 

A couple of months back I got my new Solomon's which don't have the support and cushioning I'm used to. I should have put the orthotics in them to run, I haven't and....voila!...achilles tendinitis!

Hopefully I've caught it early, I've rested and stretched so I may next week try running again in my supported trainers and see where we go from there....fingers crossed!

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