Saturday, 13 July 2013

Scoshe Rhythm

A new bit of kit to review: The Scosche Rhythm, a pulse monitor and smartphone or tablet app.

I've tried this out on a run and on the bike, but can be used in the gym or at home on the exercise bike or treadmill and I must say it's a good piece of kit.

The pulse monitor needs to be purchased separately (£99/$99 RRP) but the app can be downloaded for free for the Apple or Android smartphones.

I have an Android phone and was surprised by a lot of negative reviews when I went to download the application. I think a lot of the problem is down to the individuals phone rather than the software. Mine is not the latest of phones (Samsung Galaxy W) but worked fine.

Once the pulse monitor is turned on, your device needs to be paired with the monitor via Bluetooth, this was quick and easy.

The application itself is much like most fitness apps where you log calories burned, distance, speed and pace; but here you obviously get your heart rate in realtime. The screen is clear and can be customised to suit the individual.

You get to have your own personalised home page on the website where you can review your workout or review through the app on your device.

I'm not really a listen to music while I work out kind of person, but you can control your music wirelessly and control from the monitor.

The monitor is strapped to your lower inner arm, a position I thought could be uncomfortable while working out but once I was exercising, soon forgot it was there. 

I would definitely recommend, especially if you like to train with your heart rate zones.

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