Friday, 10 May 2013

Injury update #3

After only attending the fracture clinic last week, it was a surprise to get my MRI appointment come through so quickly.

So it was back to the hospital....again, and a MRI scan to hopefully shed some more light on my ankle injury.

It was a long walk to the remote MRI unit at the hospital, but the cheery assistant who walked me to my destiny, told me amusing stories of how people who had not declared metal implants or body piercings literally got sucked up to the roof of the scan unit due to its strong magnetic forces!

MRI unit
Once I got settled in and was laying on the bed about to be sent into the giant tube of the MRI unit, I was given head phones that would play music to dull out the loud sounds the machine made. It reminded me of a game show where one of the contestants goes into the booth with headphones and music so the cant hear their partners answers!

I had been looking forward to this all day, a chance to be on my own in my little world away from the stresses of the modern world, and 25 minutes of rare 'me' time. I think everyone needs 'me' time. That's one of the reasons I run and one of the reasons I run mostly trails rather than roads.

One moment you're stuck in the office with phones ringing, emails, deadlines; the next in the middle of the woods without a soul around and everything stripped back to just the basics.

'Me' Time
I was told I must not move at all straight away,up appears the little devil on the shoulder egging you on to scratch that itch that's started to annoy you on your nose!

I managed to distract myself and focus on the music that was playing. A strange choice of dance music that wanted to get my toe tapping rather than relax me, and rather bizarrely it seemed to pick up a local pirate hip hop station with the DJ chatting to his mate...Bizarre!

Any way after my 'me time, I was told I now needed to wait until I was given an appointment from the specialist to review the scan.

Hopefully it wont be too long. The ankle does seem to slowly be improving, so its a case of upping the cycling next week along with introducing some swimming and then fingers crossed I'll be in good shape to start running again soon.


  1. Hey

    I really hope you get better soon. I think that you're doing exactly the correct thing to recuperate. I have tried to 'push thorugh pain' before when running and it's not a good idea - 4 year old ankle injury...


  2. 4 years...Ouch...I hope it's not going to be that long fo me, although it does feel long term and not healing fast :-( Hope you get your injury resolved in the end.

  3. Hiya... New reader to the blog here who just wants to say HANG IN THERE! as frustrating as it seems it will right itself... I broke my heel just after starting marathon training for my challenge of 12 marathons in 12 months in 2012. It was a long slow process waiting to be able to run again, but 9 months later (and lots of cycling and swimming in the meantime) I was able to hit the trail for the first marathon.

    Incidentally, how I've arrived reading your blog was a search for fellow trail running blogger's blogs to read and Google throws your site my way - 10 miles down the road from where I live, a sweet irony of the world wide web in fact being on the doorstep!