Monday, 31 December 2012

What a year!

2012 for me has to go down as my best year for sport ever. Personally I competed in the London marathon in Olympic year. I met one of my sporting hero's and like many was totally blown away by the Olympics. To actually be there at two major events and to be in the stadium for the Paralympics will be memories that last with me forever. Below is my sporting year in pictures, some of inspiration some of self achievement.

My 6 races of 2012 that I competed in (from top left to bottom) Surrey Spitfire 20 miles,Denbies Vineyard 10 mile, Dirt Challenge half marathon, (from top right to bottom) London marathon, Love life love running 6 hour endurance, The running show 10k. I managed PB's at the marathon and 10k 

Happy: Me collecting my number from the London marathon expo

Anticipation: Start line of the London marathon

PROOF I ran the marathon!

Done: The other side of the finish line. Happy and relieved faces.

View of the embankment, one of my favorite moments and brilliant crowd support 

West Byfleet: The men's Olympic road-race, blink and you miss them! 

The Women's Olympic marathon. Amazing to be up close to the elites.

The Women's Olympic marathon: The top three finishers.

Inside the Olympic stadium for the Paralympics. One of the best stadium crowd atmospheres I've ever experienced.

Panoramic view of the Olympic stadium

The Olympic park by night.

The amazing Olympic stadium.

The privilege of meeting Paula Radcliffe.

A great year for Trail running.


  1. Happy New Year! I'm jealous that you met Paula... I bet she's lovely.

  2. Thanks Aimee, Paula was very down to earth, have a great year, and Happy New Year to you to Bart,thanks for the comments.