Wednesday, 19 September 2012


...I repeat I am not an Ultrarunner!

A couple of weeks ago I declared that I was going to run a hilly marathon and then my first Ultra of 32 miles, all within 4 weeks from my declaration. I announced it on Twitter, to running partner Brian (who planted the original seed in my head) and was itching to get things booked up.

Brian had been taking a little time out due to a knee injury, he's back running now and we agreed to see how his knee went before committing to the races.

I was literally going to sign up there and then but would wait it out. Trouble is though while waiting on Brian's progress I had a run to work, a 12.5 mile run, that's 12.5 miles of thinking time, that's 12.5 miles to bloody come to my senses!!! What was I thinking!

The marathon that I had planned was last weekend and is no stroll in the park, I ran it last year and it's bloody tough and I mean super tough. It takes place on the North Downs Way, including St Martha's hill (If you know the area, you'll know what I mean) and then two weeks from now the small task of running 32 miles.

I am in no way physically or mentally prepared to run an Ultra and probably a good 8 weeks to get into reasonable marathon condition.

I have said in a previous post on the subject that I am, and continue to be in awe and inspired by people who complete these ultra marathon's but it really is not for me at this stage in my running life.

It probably doesn't help that I'm reading Scott Jurek's latest book at the moment 'Eat and Run' (review coming soon). It's quite easy to get lost in the Jurek's tales of ultrarunning and fantasise on attempting these distances myself.....No, No, No and No!

Reading the book has influenced me make a few changes in my diet.
Although Scott Jurek is a strict vegetarian (which I could not be) I'm now trying to cut back on processed meat, and cutting out bread and as much dairy as I can and get some more plant base foods into my diet

My working week diet is now something like this:

Porridge is just as easily made and tastes the same with soya milk with a drizzle of honey and sprinkled with some flax seeds.

Elevenses is now usually a banana and  handful of seeds and nuts (M&S do a nice mix flavoured with soya sauce)
Lunch is pretty much a tuna or mixed bean salad followed by a 9bar or Carmans cereal bar

Mid afternoon an apple and handful of nuts and raisons.

Dinner with the family in the evening is generally reasonably healthy but I don't mind too much what I eat if I've stuck to my new daily menu and got out for a run that day.

So that's where I am at the moment, in the wilderness of running with no planned races. I'm no longer running 'naked' (see last post) the stat's are back in the form of the Endomondo App on my phone. The goal now is to keep a good base fitness going through the Autumn and Winter before ramping up for a spring marathon.....that's 26.2 miles and not a yard more!

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