Sunday, 4 March 2012

Marathon training...So far so good.

I feel guilty that I'm not running this weekend but making up for it by blogging about my running. I'm itching to get out and run but instead letting my body rest during this period of marathon training.

I've no reason to feel guilty though, within the last 7 days I have accumulated 52 miles and I can't remember hitting that many miles before over this period of days. Here's a short resume of the last week.

Sunday 26th February. I ran 20 miles (see last post) 8:45min/mile pace

Monday 27th February. Well deserved rest day after the 20 mile run.

Tuesday 28th February. Having missed a planned tempo run at lunchtime, I managed to get out in the evening and run 4.5 miles at a pace of 7:35 min/mile pace. I've not done a tempo run for a couple of weeks and it showed. It felt hard (as it should!) but was not as quick as my previous times of low 7 minute miles. However this was still about a minute and a half quicker than marathon pace.

Wednesday 29th February. (Leap year.Won't have to do this run for another 4 years!) This was meant to be a slower run than what it was (7:58min/mile pace) but it was with running partner Brian, and I always run quicker with Brian....if I can keep up with him! 3.4 miles along the canal footpath.

Thursday 1st March. I felt tired from the previous couple of days faster runs and I still felt the previous Sunday's long 20 mile run but I stuck to my guns and attempted my second back to back run. This was running 12.5 miles from work in the evening and then back 12 miles in the morning (see previous post) The evening run is the tougher of the two as it involves the last few miles of climbing and a big hill at the end. When I got home I was shattered and the thought of doing it all over again in the morning was not appealing! 9:11 min/mile pace.

Friday 2nd March. Pleasantly surprised! I ran these runs again with Brian and I stayed with him for the first few miles but gradually dropped of him. What this meant though was that I could fall into my own rhythm. I kept waiting for the tiredness to kick in but mile by mile I ticked off until I completed the run feeling pretty good and not far behind Brain (The tortoise and the hare!) 8:57 min/mile pace.

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