Thursday, 9 December 2010

Home Run

This Post is all about my Staple Run, My familar old run that's like a favourite pair of worn out slippers. It's a run I do 3 times a week, and have done for about the last four years. Yikes! you must be thinking, the same run day in day out over that amount of time! Well yes it's pretty familiar, I could probably run it blindfolded and I know every old Silver Birch to every bend in the Path.....But it's home.

 Canal Boats on the frozen Canal Waters

Well not quite home, but it's where I venture out at Lunchtime from Work. I think that's why it's not become a chore or bore to run. It breaks my day up and let's me refresh the Old Grey Matter for half an hour.

One of the many Locks along the Canal

I work in Woking, England at an Architectural Practice. I'm lucky that the office backs on to the Basingstoke Canal. It's peaceful and in places beautiful, and where I head usually with Friend and colleague Brian every other Lunchtime.
Woodham Lane Development along route. An Architectural project that I worked on

The run is just over 4 miles long (4.12) and from the Office heads West towards the Village of West Byfleet. The Canal itself runs from the Hampshire village of Greywell to the Surrey Village of Woodham. My home Village of Ash Vale is also on the Canal, 12 miles away from the Office. So as well as my regular run the canal also forms the route of my long run where I can run from Home to Work.
The Route

The Lock in the distance is the halfway turnaround. Not sure who that menacing Hoodie is approaching....Oh it's only friend Brian!

Back to Base and some Stretching to finish

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