Sunday, 19 September 2010


We runners are positive people, Ok so we moan a bit when we're injured, but generally we're pretty upbeat. To prove this head to dailymile. For those who are not aware of the site, dailymile is a social training log, make friends share your training and stay motivated. This is where I go to get a big dose of motivation and inspiration. Everyone is so positive with each other, there is no negativity, and a great place for athletes to learn from one another.

Your profile page gives you a breakdown of your weeks training and shows your latest posts and friendly comments.

As well as being a social network, you can also use dailymile as a detailed training log.

There's also great forum pages where you can discuss categories like Running, Triathlon,Cycling, along with a whole lot more with other athletes.

I have a question in the forum under 'General Running' Who would you run with?. I've asked other runners - If you could run a mile with anybody dead or alive, who would it be and what would your question be to them?

I've had some great and interesting answers, to date:

  • Doris Day, it would be the happiest, musical mile with her amazing upbeat personality. My question would be - is it really windy in the windy city? - Melissa W

  • Katarina Witt, my absolute figure skating idol who I wanted to be just like. I would ask - how do you make those triple salcows, toe loops and lutz'z look so easy when all I can manage is just a single??? - Rebecca G

  • Tough question. I have two answers: 1. Pele; 1282 goals scored in 1363 matches; how is that possible? 2. Lance Armstrong; what do you do when your mind is telling you to quit? - Jonathon L

  • Oooh,Prefontaine Would love to go for a run with Tyson Gay. Lopez Lomong,I'd probably be in too much awe to be asking questions, but if Lomong, I'd want to talk to him about Sudan.-Holly T

  • Sporting wise, it would be Sir Steve Redgrave, 5 Olympic Golds in 5 Olympic games, making him the greatest Olympian ever. My question would be, how did you keep yourself motivated, fresh and still feel the love for your sport over such a long period of time?- Melissa W

  • Mary Decker. She was one of my favs in high school when I picked up distance running - Jim H

  • Mostly people who aren't famous who I know through the internet and what to connect a real persona to their internet presence. Having grown up around many people of fame and many more of supposed fame... there isn't much about being famous that impresses me, so... its all just normal people too numerous to name. - Bo A

  • Don Kardong, because he is funny. I'd ask him about the 1976 Olympic marathon where he came in 4th. - Mark D

  • I would run a mile with my oldest Sister Tracy. She ran track back in the day doing the Mile and the last leg of the Mile Relay. Very fast on her feet. She walks a lot now, and if only we could run 1-mile together it would please this runners heart. Also Valedictorian in her class with grades that were better that a pot of gold. Truly a role model for everyone that knew her. Thanks Sis, for giving me the heart to run. I love it.I would ask her what if felt like going to the (State High School Track Meet), something her brother never accomplished in the 2-mile run.I guess I'm a simple guy, but that's my heart. I would even buy her a new pair of shoes if she wanted me to, hahaha. God Bless..+ Jimmy. ( =  - Jimmy J

So head over to Dailymile, make friends join in the forums, and go and get yourself a great big helping of motivation. I would like to thank all my friends on the dailymile for all their support especially while I've been out injured.


  1. The community on Daily Mile is fantastic, I agree. Glad to have you there. :)

  2. I agree DM has done wonders for my training. The guys that use DM are all there for the same reason: obviously to log their training, but also to comment, encourage and help one another with whatever the topic. I love it :)